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Colin Barnett
Good luck with the new site. Glad to be associated with it.

Tony Keen
Really enjoyed the books John. Pictures on website look great too. Brought back some happy times :)

Jerry Cooke
Hi John I worked for Trans Arabia in Damman from 1979 to 81 and met you many times. I remember Ginger very well in fact he did some work for us his Daf. There was also Peter Minnis, Ted Thomas, John who brought Peter Best's F88. There was also a lad called Pat who went to work as a sweet water salesman, and a young lad called Angus who drove an ERF for Peter. I often wondered about the lads I knew from back then. Really like the gallery, I have loads of pictures if you are interested, I have a really good one of Thomas Ginger McNeal taken in our villa whilst having a drink one night. Thanks again for putting these pics up, brought back memories, Jerry Cooke

Martin Mears
Blimey! They are all coming out of the woodwork now! Jerry Cook , how the devil are you? I remember those good old days. You with your mound of love letters hidden under your bed, your blonde hair which acted like a magnet to passing Arabs and the second thing you most wished for in life which was to road train across to Jeddah. Ken Broster fulfilled your wish and you obviously lived to tell the tale. I trust you and yours are fit and well. Both John West and I would welcome the chance of a copy of any relevant photos you may have of yesteryear. My e mail address is PS. Remember John Longhorn? I'm still in touch with him. He owns a pub now but still reeks of diesel when he starts on a tale. Regards, Martin Mears

Rick Owen
Both discs received,many thanks. You must have been in Dammam about the same time as me ,78 thru to 88.I went out for P&O ,on secondment to NTC ,(National Transport Company) We had a depot at Safwa junction,(before the highway was open,about a mile after the police point near the Satol yard ,and the other depot was at kilo 23 Mecca road Jeddah,The first 12 months ,I was at Jubail on an AGB housing camp project,on the precast deliveries and material control,before moving down to Safwa to run the ops.We had GMC Astro units.i remember Pat at Dammam sweet water,in fact I moved a water storage tank for him on a low loader,other names ring a bell but it's ,going back a bit. Look forward to hearing more.

John Longhorn
Well young John Anthony. Always knew Andy's photo taking would pay off.

Allan Wall
Hello, Allan Wall here in the U.S.A. I ran across your website, it's interesting. I know a West family here in the States, maybe distant relatives of yours! I appreciate you sharing your travels.

Thanks Allan. There are a lot of us Wests, in fact the American Ambassador to Saudi when I was there was also called John West! My family originate from Warwickshire.

Damien McGreal DJM Trans
Fantastic stories and pictures. Adventures like these will unfortunately never happen again, but fair play to the guys that got the chance to go to the M.E.

Jacob Dzierza
Thank you for sharing all pictures and memories ...

Hilbron Runde
Well written, brigs back many memories.

Trevor Taylor
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Trevor Taylor
Great read, sounds just like my first trip in 76 to Tehran. I like you could not put up with the piss-heads I recall one trip i had tipped at the trade fair in Tehran then had to get to Ipsala to bail out a driver whom had drank/gambled his Running money. he left the UK a day after me and took ferry from ancona, I drove all the way as I had the belly tank. I did a year or so in the M/E my biggest regret was very little photos taken then. I have a few of Eastern Bloc ect if I can find them. Happy days.

hi John: ThX for the MP3's great stuff enjoyed much the stories.Is there more information (stories) available of Mike Conlong Hauliers Association? Keep up the good work. Albert

I'm not sure if anything else has been written, but Mike has written an autobiographical account of his experiences. I'll try & get more info and let you know.John

Royce D Bowden
Great reading, I also have the book by Andy Maclean Fifty Shades of Tarmac and would like to see more of stories like this. I am a 78 year old trucker from the U.S. and was on the road all my life now retired .. Thank You very much and have a great day.